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Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development are the Foundation of Our Marketing Plan. A Good Franchise Opportunity Site is What Your Company Needs

We Know What Works

Web Design

Web Design is an often-overlooked area. A lot of digital marketers will bow to the feelings of a client when it comes to their ill-conceived website. Just accepting a client site does more harm and could destroy all the good work that is done. You can drive all the prospects in the world to your site, but it won’t make any difference if it was designed poorly.

There are so many things that a Web Designer needs to do to ensure the success of your business. Unfortunately, most are overworked and don’t set it up entirely correct because they are under pressure to finish and work on the next site or client for their employer or client.

Web Development

Development is also very important because your site needs to be responsive (made for all screen sizes) and semantically coded (use the proper names) to best practices so that a search engine can read the site properly and help prospects find you.

I could probably write a book on Design and Development, but It would bore you to death so let it be said I think that it is important to set-up a website correctly so prospects you draw will be happy and engaged with your franchise.


Target All The Right Customers

A customer profile that fits your ideal customer is a well thought out and tested idea. A lot of owners think they know their ideal customer and maybe they do, but we test to make sure because being off a decade can sink your lead generation strategy.

Analyze & Increase Prospects and Sales

We all live by our data these days and the franchise industry is no exception. I look at my data intensely once a week to ensure that my website is performing up to par. After all, our revenue and future depend on it.

How We Deliver The Results That You Want!

I work on the theory that a landing page or website should make the customer:

1) aware of what you do

2) Interested in how you do it

3) desire your franchise being sold

4) Buying your franchise.

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