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Social Media Marketing

This is the tool that does the heavy lifting to get prospects to flow directly to our website.  Constantly helping content marketing to get our word out into the field of franchising.

We Know What Works

Social Media Marketing

One of the more important aspects of social media is its ability to accomplish marketing objectives quickly and concisely. Websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn add help in different ways. Then we have the review sites such as Yelp, Trip-advisor, Google reviews, and Rotten Tomatoes.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become the go to method of advertising in most industries. But it is important to note that a strategy needs to be developed with an end goal in mind.

As you develop profiles and start to engage the different audiences there needs to be tactics used to incorporate the specific social media tools towards achieving the stated goal.  Depending on if you need a local or national voice could quickly become a quagmire of issues for any company if incorrectly applied.

So where do you start?

Good point. It is a hand in hand process with lead generation. Driving different traffic types to a landing pages or a website is the obvious answer. But a lot must be considered. How do you build awareness? Does the social media and lead generation tools lend itself to building interest in the franchise? Is there a desire to engage your franchise and lastly can you close the sale with your offering?

How this process works and is developed is important. It’s also unique to each franchise how this process works. But no doubt it starts as an inbound marketing system that converts with a face to face meeting with multiple humans. Hand in hand social media marketing helps content marketing get the word about your franchise.

Franchising is a Long Sales Cycle so how do you keep everyone engaged?

These are heady questions and must be well thought out by someone who has done it before. It also is important to adjust along the way to compensate for small inconsistencies in the process. Once the system is completely set-up and running it will work and provide you with thousands of leads over time and allow franchisors to keep their staffing requirements to a minimum while helping to make the franchisor’s business a sustainable one that continues to pump out more revenue year after year.

Target All The Right Customers

Social Media is like a missile seeking out a target to send to your content to bring awareness to your franchise opportunity. Sounds good? Call us at 770 815 0488.

Analyze & Increase Traffic and Conversions

As we send more and more messages via social media to bring those prospects to our site we move up in the Google rankings (this helps when someone searches using keywords) and we make sales and increase revenue. Sneaky heh.

How We Deliver The Results That You Want!

By sending out links(roadmap to our website) on social media we create interest in our one of a kind headline that grabs them by the arm to our website. This is where our information (content) helps them understand how franchising works and why they should choose yours. Like a private sales meeting.

Let's Work Together!

Social media is important because it is the engine that drives prospects to our website so they are aware of what we offer and why it is the answer to their problem. What franchise should I buy?


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