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Search Engine Optimization or SEO for Short.

Don’t let the fancy lingo scare you. It is just a fancy way to say I am making sure I give the search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) what they need to send you customers to buy your franchise.

I Know What Search Engines Want

The Importance of Ranking

In today’s marketplace where the stock market is increasing along with employment and interest rates, investors see their jobs as bastions of security. So, there are less potential franchisees to go around.

So now it’s very important that you don’t waste time with those that don’t qualify for your franchise operation. A rule of thumb in the franchise marketplace is that it takes 100 leads to sell 1 franchise. That is incorrect it only takes one that is well qualified and motivated to buy your product.

Keywords are the Building Blocks of SEO

We find words that attract the type customers you serve. We do that by studying the demographics of your existing customer base. Then we do things like mind mapping, polling and Google searches to come up with 15+ keywords to track. Keywords are the foundation of your SEO work and we take our time to ensure to get the right or at least close to right keywords. Getting close to the right keywords always ultimately helps you find the right keyword.

Target All The Right Customers

It’s important not to drive huge amounts of traffic just well-qualified traffic. Good traffic happens on page 1 of your keyword search if you are in the top 5 positions. The lower you are in that ranking the less money you will make over time. We, therefore, track your rankings to make sure that you are inching up month to month while adjusting as time increases,

Analyze & Increase Prospects and Sales

I constantly analyze Google My Business because Google is constantly checking on your website for new content. We can give it to them by posting information, correcting any mistakes and downloading images of your business. Mobile users search Google for businesses like yours and they provide them with content, pictures and contact information so it needs to be up to date every week.


How We Deliver The Results That You Want!

The process we use at Focused Franchise Marketing (FFM) is:

  • Build a keyword strategy – finding words your customers use in search
  • Rankings – wherein the search engine is your link
  • Create content around the keywords – help people get good solid information from your website
  • Link Building – see who links to your site and find more because the search engines like links
  • Citation Building make sure your name, address and phone number is correct around the internet

Let's Work Together!

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