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Lead Generation

Lead generation is the cornerstone of a good franchise marketing campaign. It is the results of all our services.

We Know How to Make it All Work

Lead Generation Strategy

First, picking your ideal customer is a well thought out and tested idea. A lot of owners think they know their ideal customer and maybe you do, but we test to make sure because being off a decade can sink your lead generation strategy.

How to Test Your Ideal Client?

The best way is to use polls. Just ask people questions that you need to be answered. You will begin to see trends and find groups of people that you want to market to for your franchise opportunity.

Advantages of Using an Ideal Client Model

Building the ideal client model will help you attract good leads. Those leads have a higher potential of closing because they are interested in your offering. Sure, you won’t get as many leads but the ones you get will be strong possibilities.

There is a reason that the franchise industry only closes 1 in 100 leads. Because they are not pre-qualified. If leads cost $25 each then your client acquisition cost is $2,500.  It makes sense to buy a lead generation system, so you are reducing your client acquisition cost for every lead you get.

Now let’s talk commissions. Commissions range from 15-25% of the franchise fee. Franchise fee’s range from $5,000- $500,000. So, your acquisition fee is getting higher. If you have a $30,000 franchise fee and a commission of 25% your total acquisition cost is $7,500. But if your franchise fee nets $22,500 are you better off. Course not because you must train and support that customer for 7-15 years. So the more you keep for support the better your franchises will perform and the more you make in monthly licensing fees.

I believe if you set up a system that attracts your ideal customer and drives them to your franchise opportunity website and they contact you than your ahead of the game and will close more like 1 in 20 leads. I know not everyone is comfortable calling a lead and helping them make a buying decision to purchase your franchise. But even if you hired a broker to do the first 3-5 leads you are ahead of the game. Plus, learning how to lead a customer to a buying decision is a skill anyone can learn.


Target All The Right Customers

All the services up till now contribute to lead generation. It is always about the most targeted leads. How to attract them and sell them on your franchise. As we have stated before this is a long sales cycle and like all long sales cycle the more information you can provide to bring the prospect up to speed on the franchise world the shorter that cycle will be.

Our Concept

Our concept is structured to provide a profitable, low-investment  lead generation system for franchisors.  I believe with all my heart we can lower your customer acquisition cost while increasing your revenue and business footprint in the intended marketplace.

How We Deliver The Results That You Want!

Our process strategy is simple. Great franchise awareness that leads any serious prospect into a serious relationship with your company. Increasing the prospect’s desire to take action and create a lasting long-term relationship is what our lead generation system is designed to do.


Let's Work Together!

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