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I can help you grow a sustainable franchisor business with your own targeted lead generation system that will increase your franchise sales, lower customer acquisition cost and grow business revenue!

I do this with the use of digital tools that help to find the needle in the haystack.

Old Way of Marketing

You know what I am talking about. Buy some leads and chase them around on the telephone. It is a slow waste of time. Am I right? That is why the industry only sells 1 out of 100 leads on average. It is the fastest way to nowhere.


The better way to market is to make prospects aware of your franchise opportunity. You can do this through emails,  eBooks and website content. Explain the basic questions and answers up front quickly so they are aware of what you do and what you’re looking for but in a voice that tells them, it was prepared for them.


Then when they are interested they can ask for more information. Leading to a meeting with them and getting your Federal Disclosure Document into their hands. This then becomes an opportunity for the both of you to develop a relationship or not.  You and the prospect will know at this point if you need to move ahead.

Sales Cycle

Why does it take all this swapping of information? It’s because it involves a long-term relationship with a lot of money changing hands. Like buying a car or a house everyone needs to become comfortable with each other. Your creating business partners with smart entrepreneurs that want badly to succeed just like you.


We are interested in appealing to the prospects and placing their needs above our own. We try and remember the desires we had building our business and help bring them along and help them not to make costly mistakes. At this point, both of you should be getting a lot from the relationship that enables the prospect to feel comfortable with doing business with you. Your prospect should be feeling a great deal of desire to be in business with you and is asking buying type questions.

Digital Solutions

The digital tools that I use help to follow this path and attract the ideal candidates that will make you successful. But they don’t take the place of your ingenuity and hard work. They are meant as you can see above to help create a common path that helps you and the prospect to fulfil your needs.

The first 2 months I started selling franchises we came up with 20 leads that brought 3 good viable prospects. I think if you are like me, be proud to show off your business then go out and find well fit entrepreneurs to help you grow it. Am I right?



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